Movienizer 4.0

Organize your movie collection


  • Support for several databases
  • Very complete database entries
  • Downloads data from the web and allows you to edit it
  • Includes an embedded player and a loan tracker


  • Can take some time when downloading data
  • Displays an update reminder even with the program's latest version


Is your movie collection so large that you can hardly manage it? Then it's time to use Movienizer, a handy tool that helps you organize your personal movie database in a very easy way.

In fact, Movienizer supports multiple databases, so each member of the family can keep track of their own movies. Information is downloaded from several cinema websites on the Internet, which can sometimes take a while. This means that you don't have to type in anything, but at the same time the program allows you to edit any detail if you want to. Surprisingly, Movienizer kept on showing an update reminder every time we added new movies during our test, which is strange because we were testing the latest version.

Each entry has a very detailed page with all kinds of data about the movie: title, director, cast, plot summary, even pictures. The whole database can be searched on any of these topics. Also, Movienizer includes a basic embedded media player to watch videos and a loan manager, so that you don't lose track of movies borrowed by friends.

Have a better organized and much more complete movie database with Movienizer.

Added TV-series support!


  • Added TV-series support!


Movienizer 4.0

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    Please update Movienizer to latest version.
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